Pack 28 2013 Pinewood Derby Results


Hey Pack 28,

Great PWD race today (3/9/2013). I want to thank the Wolf den for putting on a good showing of scouts, and also all the parents for helping out. And particularly I want to thank Amanda Harvey, our Awards Chair, and David Vasser, our Committee Chair for the wonderful work and time they put in on all the trophies, awards and patches for the boys. It’s a lot of work to get all that stuff together. And lastly, thank you to the Harvey’s, Vasser’s, McOwien’s and Slavic’s for providing snacks today.
Below are the Den and Pack results of today’s PWD race.
Den Results (winners of each den raced for the Pack title. Also, the car for the winner of each den goes to the County fair to participate in the Council’s race. Additionally, if you did not win, you can still submit your car to the Marin County Fair for display as part of the Kid’s Arts & Crafts section, I’ll send out more information on this as the Fair draws closer).
Wolf Den
1st Place: Bobby Bradley
2nd Place: Max Slavic
3rd Place: Christopher Parker
Bear Den
1st Place: Jed Harvey
2nd Place: Will Vasser
Webelos Den
1st Place: Matthew Vasser
2nd Place: Kyle Vasser
3rd Place: Alexander Forsythe
Arrow of Light  - we were a bit light on AoL attendees this year :(   
1st Place: Jackson Vaughan
Pack Results
1st Place: Jed Harvey (Bear Den)
2nd Place: Matthew Vasser (Webelos Den)
3rd Place: Bobby Bradley (Wolf Den)
4th Place: Jackson Vaughan (AoL Den)
Note: for all the boys who received a trophy, there will be a plaques coming with your name/den/place on it.
Good job to all the boys, and congratulations to Jed Harvey for having, hands down, the fastest car in the Pack.