All leaders must be trained or our pack can loose its charter. You need to take note that new policies concerning Youth Protection Training are effective June 1, 2010. All registered Leaders must have Youth Protection Training, and it must be current (needs to taken every two years). Any new members cannot be registered until they take Youth Protection training.

All parents are more then welcome, and even encouraged to take it.Training can be done online at and it only takes about 30 minutes, or you can contact the Marin Council office for additional training opportunities. 

Details on the training can be found at the Official Boy Scout of America webpageand can be done online at MyScouting. You will need to create an account to get to the training and each course takes about 20-45 minutes. The following need to be completed by each leader:

  1. Fast Start Training for their position (cubmaster, den leader, or committee member, etc),
  2. Youth Protection training,
  3. This is Scouting and
  4. Cub Scout Leader Specific training for their position (cubmaster, den leader, or committee member, etc). This seems to be the only part of the training that cannot be done online. The training schedule can be found at the Marin Council’s website.

Other possible training includes:

  • Baloo – Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (required for outings)
  • Weather Hazards - Can be taken at (required for outings)
  • District Roundtables (first Wednesdays of each month, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm)
  • Philmont Training Center Courses
  • Teaching Leave No Trace is a guide manual whose purpose is “to further Leave No Trace skills and awareness of outdoor ethics”.