Pack Leadership

Cubmaster Mike Bumgarner
Asst. Cubmaster Mark Horsley
Treasurer Todd Northcutt
Committee Chair David Vasser
Committee Members

Sonali Dev

Arrow of Light Den Leader Rekh Pareek
Webelos Den Leader Amanda Harvey
Bear Den Leader Marla Northcutt
Bear Asst. DL Open
Wolf Den Leader Open
Wolf Asst. DL Open
Tiger Den Leader Stephanie Wegner
Tiger Asst. DL


Scout Participation

We encourage sons and their families to view Scouting as a commitment. While occasional absences can be worked around, the scouting program does not lend itself to frequent nonattendance.

Parent Involvement

It is impossible for us to offer your son a quality scouting experience without your involvement. Accordingly, in order for your son to participate in our pack, all parents must donate their time to a pack leadership position or to the planning and execution of a specific event. There are no exceptions.

Absences/Leaving the Pack

Please contact your son’s den leader if you know he will be absent for a meeting/outing/etc. (Knowing that someone will not be at a meeting helps leaders plan accordingly, start their meeting on time, etc.) There is no pressure to stay in the pack if your son feels it is not for him. If your son does want to leave the pack, please contact your den leader as soon as possible.

Outing Policy

Sometimes the pack will cover all or a portion of the cost for an outing, event, or campout. If a scout (or family) signs up to attend and does not, the family is responsible for reimbursing the pack.

Cancellation Policy and Procedure

Our pack follows the Dixie School District calendar. If Dixie School District are off due to holidays*, teacher workdays*, or inclement weather, our pack will not meet.

If a pack meeting or outing is canceled unexpectedly, your son’s den leader will contact you.

* Den leaders may choose to meet at an alternate location when the school is closed for teacher workdays, etc.

Membership Dues

Money from dues is used to purchase den and pack meeting materials, badges and awards, and to supplement the costs to scouts for outings and campouts.

We encourage scouts to pay in one lump sum at the beginning of the year. If you can’t pay in a lump sum, please contact the treasurer to find an other arrangement.

  • Entire Year: $124 (Due by Oct 19th)

Dues should be paid through the Den Leaders. Scouts that have not paid their dues will not be eligible to receive awards earned.

What to Buy

Each scout and his family will need to provide/purchase the following:

  • Uniform. This includes (at minimum) the scouting shirt (either blue or khaki depending on rank), the appropriate patches (Central Carolina Council patch, Pack 19 numerals, Den patch, etc.), and neckerchief. You may optionally purchase the following: belt/bucket (great for displaying belt-loops earned!), neckerchief slide, hat, pants, socks, etc. See the Pack 28 Uniform Shopping List. Also, see the uniform policy below.
  • Rank-Level Handbook
  • You may purchase the above at our council store located in Albemarle (call 704-982-0141 for address/directions). Alternatively, you may also visit the Carolina Scout Shop at 2121 Westinghouse Blvd in Charlotte (note that purchases made at this store do not benefit our council). You may also purchase the above online at

The pack provides the following:

  • All rank badges and awards, including belt loops
  • Boys Life magazine subscription
  • Materials for projects and activities, unless otherwise noted
  • Food and drinks for campouts
  • Planning of all activities and outings

Uniform Policy

Scouts are expected to wear their Class A* uniforms to all Pack meetings, events, and award ceremonies (unless otherwise noted).

Scouts are expected to wear their Class B** uniform (or higher) to all den meetings and nature outings (unless otherwise noted).

* The Class A uniform is comprised of the scout shirt, including patches, plus the neckerchief with some sort of clasp. Scouts may optionally wear their scouting hats, belts, pants, etc. Scouts will wear their shirts buttoned up and tucked in. Pants or shorts will be free of rips, tears, frayed edges, etc. If hats are worn, they will be worn front and center.

** The Class B Uniform is comprised of a Pack 28 T-shirt. Pants or shorts will be free of rips, tears, frayed edges, etc. (Pack 28 T-shirts can be purchased for $10 per shirt.)\